FOR THE RECORD: The Gift of Time

Charleston’s own went and did it again.

Circle Back has undoubtedly been a staple of South Carolina hardcore since their beginning. I was first introduced to them in 2019 after taking a hiatus from the music scene (Thanks Army, love you lots. Rat bastards.) and was immediately a huge fan. They always put on a great show and give 110%.

Circle Back is that band that puts out something fucking phenomenal (their full length album Terminus specifically) and outdo themselves on the next thing they drop.

The Gift of Time is an absolutely flawless EP from start to finish. When the first single “Hyperconnected” (featuring Scott Cowan of Violent Live Violent Death) dropped awhile back I figured this was going to be golden, and guess what? It absolutely is.

Photo by Particular Photography

In my opinion, this is their best work to date. Hearts worn on sleeves, their love for the genre and the art of music itself is on full display. Circle Back is becoming a staple of metallic hardcore as a whole to me.

This goes THE fuck OFF. Vocals are raw and angry as shit. Guitar tone is fucking phenomenal. Bass makes itself known and makes me want to Kyle the fuck out on my drywall. Drums are tight as shit. Two step, breakdowns and bass drops. What more do you need, right?

I’m insanely stoked for shows to be a thing again just so I can hear about the Ohio hardcore scene and Integrity along with Ascension (just kidding John, love you lots.) All joking aside, this EP has already made onto my Favorites list for the year. Give it a listen, break your neck, replace some drywall. Just have fun with it.

SCHC forever. Backpack forever.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be posting links below

Circle Back: Holy City Hardcore (



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